Our  Approach

Our beekeeping approach is unique and sustainable. We allow nature to guide, nurture, and instruct us as each year passes. We stand silent to listen, observe, and learn from this amazing superorganism.


Zero Chemicals

Nothing goes in the hive that the bees do not put there themselves. We only remove true honey surplus. We don’t use any sort of chemical treatment for the maladies affecting bees.



During the extraction process, we coarse our honey and never heat it. Raw honey has live enzymes that are destroyed by heat, and fine filtering removes the pollen particles, thereby stripping the nutritional content and subtle flavors. Because we never heat honey, you ‘ll receive all the beneficial properties that most store-bought honey lacks.


Polyfloral Honey

Our honey is sourced from a wide variety of wildflowers. In perfect synchronicity with how honey bees make honey naturally. One of the neatest things about polyfloral honey varieties is their absolute uniqueness. Each wildflower hive is producing a honey that has no equivalent.

Next Step

Now you can still get delicious and pollen-rich honey that is traceable from hive to jar by shopping our Grey Lady Apiary Collection.