Host a Hive


WHY: The bee population is declining at an alarming rate, consider helping to support and sustain healthy bee colonies that are vital to pollination and our ecological system.  These amazing insects pollinate over 80% of the world’s flowering plants. Not just the plants that produce 1 out of every 3 bites of food we eat, but also plants vital to supporting biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem.

HOW:  HOST A HIVE WITH US! Grey Lady Apiary makes beekeeping a possibility.  Our “Host a Hive” program allows individuals and families to experience the benefits of keeping honeybees without having to invest the time and energy to manage the bees themselves. 

  • Hive delivery and set-up; 
  • A strong colony of bees;
  • Bees Installation;
  • Full Hive Maintenance;
  • Inspections for diseases & pests;

  • Re-queening;
  • Regular checks for bees health;
  • Honey extraction & bottling;
  • Bees Winterizing; 
  • 100% raw natural local honey directly from your hive.


SUPPORTING BEES that play a critical role in our ecosystem, but are facing the threat of disappearing due to modern agricultural practices, lack of habitat, and increasing stressors.


  • Flowers &  plants more profuse;
  • Fruit & vegetable yield increase;
  • Enormous positive impact on landscape;
  • Environmentally sound;
  • Pollination helps eco-system remain diverse and sustainable.


  • Local honey is great for allergies;
  • Honey is the only insect created food with therapeutic, medicinal, nutritional, and cosmetic value.
  • Our honey is only minimally filtered, but never heated, and is packed with all the beneficial enzymes and bee pollen that the majority of store-bought honey lacks.

EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE: Part of being a hive host is the possibility to learn, observe, and co-exist with honeybees. 

CONVENIENCE: We take care of all of the delivery, installation, maintenance, management, and harvesting.