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Beekeeping Services

Grey Lady Apiary provides islander residents  and visitors with locally produced bee products including honey, propolis, wax, and bee pollen all harvested in a sustainable fashion without using any chemicals and without compromising the well being of our bees. We seek to educate our friends and neighbors about the importance of pollinators and honey bees in particular. Bees are of vital to our way of life as the plants they pollinate make up more than 1/3 of our diet.

Swarm on a tree

Swarm Removal

We do live removals without pesticides or chemicals. Call us for more information. We remove bees from trees, structures, and yards.

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Host a Hive

Grey Lady Apiary makes beekeeping a possibility.  Through our Hive Hosting programs, we take care of all aspects of hive delivery, set-up, maintenance, and honey extraction for our clients

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